Why I love my home town: Letchworth, Hertfordshire

I sometimes wish I lived in a vibrant and exciting city like London as it’s still close to home and has so much to offer. But then i’m reminded of how stunning the views around me are when I go for a walk in the countryside on a sunny day.

My parents had gone away for a couple of nights so I stayed over to look after my little (not-so-little-dog) cutie, Keira. I love having the opportunity to go home and just chill. Because I already live so close to my parents, I never really get the chance to stay the night in my old room and spend some quality time with my best friend, Keira!

So as well as indulging on good quality food, I get the choice of flicking through Sky TV channels and selecting what I want to watch for the night, instead of being restricted to Freeview. And the best part is that I can sit out in their garden and relax for the afternoon.

Anyway, back to the actual blog topic. My parents house is a short walk away from beautiful fields and a community Orchard which is beaming with red juicy apples.

Keira and I both love visiting the Orchard, so much so that I struggle to keep her on the lead until she reaches the gates. She loves running through the long grass and I just love the tranquillity of the openness.

Keira running through the fields

The lovely thing about this Orchard is that the apples can be picked by anyone. So not only are you getting your exercise, you can also kick start your healthy eating with a few of these. And you can even find pears and plums hiding in the trees!

Apple tree

I just love how Hertfordshire countryside comes to life during the summer. You’re able to walk for miles and miles and come across colourful plants bursting from the ground and brilliant views that put you to ease after a hectic week at work.

Colourful plants in Hertfordshire

But it’s not just beautiful plants and fruits that you get to see in Hertfordshire. Coming to the end of the fields and I was greeted by a few curious cows. I love animals, but cows and I don’t have the best relationship after I was chased by three of them a couple of years ago, so I was glad there was a barrier between us this time! However, I do still think that they’re really cute (when i’m on the other side of the gate).

Cows in Hertfordshire

After a lovely peaceful walk in the countryside, I headed home. But not before another unexpected surprised. Along the way I came across some red berries and a few blue fruits in the bushes. At first I thought these were blueberries, but I got a little closer and realised that these were a little too big. As I took a photo whilst looking like a weirdo to the guy walking past me, I realised they were grapes growing on a few bushes along the walkway.

Berries and grapes

As I continued my stroll home, I couldn’t resist taking another photo of the beautiful red leaves that were arching above me.

And this is why I love my home town.

Junique x

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