Happy International Cat Day

Hi guys, Mojo here. I just wanted to celebrate International Cat Day with you. I love being a cat, it's pawsome! But it comes with a lot of responsibility, like keeping the pawrents entertained and staying up all night to scare away intruders.

I know a lot of you who are reading this are probably thinking "what is she on about?! Cats have it easy, all they do is sleep and eat whilst we go out and work so we can afford to buy their food." Well, as a thank you for all your hard work, we poop in the neighpaws garden so you don't have to put up with it…or maybe you do if you're the neighpaw of a cat – but that's your issue, not mine!

Anyway back to the whole cat day thing, I wanted to expawlain to you the benefits of owning a cat. So many are abandoned and left at animals shelters, so I saw this meownumental day as a way to show you how cool we really are. Here goes:

1. Cute and cuddly

Stating the obvious, I know. But it's true. We're cute. And once you see how sweet and cuddly we are, you won't want to let us go (even if we want to be left alone). But for the meowjority of time, we'll show you just as much love as you give us. We love a good snuggle, even if you're trying to sleep.

2. Meownificent listeners

If you're more of a talker than a snuggler, then we're your pawfect companion. We love a good chin wag, even if we do fall asleep through the conversation. But one thing's paw sure, you can give us a call when you need a furriend.

3. Good compawny

I'm not lion. we are good company and don't let any dog tell you diffurrent. We'll keep you compawny whilst you watch trashy Saturday evening tv and help you with your takeaway when you have nothing better to do.

4. We like to have a good time

We may not be like every other party animal, but we know how to have fun. Whether this is going cray cray on cat nip or helping you upcycle furrniture, we know how to have a good time.

5. Mischievous

Okay, I admit it. We can sometimes be a little annoying and naughty, but everything we do is done with love. This includes jumping on you throughout the night and being incredibly clingy, throwing up on the bed instead of the floor, meowing at you to open the door so we don't have to use the cat flap and finally, walking away from you when we can't be bothered with you. But these things don't happen very often, pinky pawromise!

Hopefully this has made you see what we're really like. I'm lucky…I've already got my furrever home, but some of my buddies are still looking for theirs so pawlease have a look at adopting because it means the world to us cats.

Mo x

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