Hitchin Lavender Fields

A few weeks ago Matthew and I went to the lavender fields just around the corner from us. It was the perfect lazy day out.

We decided to go there as we wanted to do something in the morning as I was busy that afternoon. So we were looking for something local but different.

This place was pretty cute. Not only did it have a glorious amount of scented fields, there was also a museum and a warm welcome from this big friendly giant:

After passing the stables it was time for me to face my fears – bees. 🐝

Yes, I think they’re cute and I totally support planting more flowers to increase their population, but as soon as I hear the slightest ‘buzz’ I transform into a ninja. My senses heighten, I can hear the buzzing for miles and magically turn into an athlete runner (well at least, that’s how it feels to me).

But today was the day I welcomed these little creatures to chill on the lavender plants that I was picking away at.

Just in case you’re wondering, I did concur my fear that day. Although I didn’t really have a choice as there were children as young as 3 that were more confident around bees than me!

However, this isn’t just a great place to stock up on lavender (more than you’ll ever need), it’s got a huge teepee and benches for anyone wanting to have a relaxing picnic in the sun.

After a paranoid couple of hours of thinking the bees were following me or on my shoulder, we went to the café for a quick bite to eat.

The food was a little pricey but the main reason I went was to mooch around their shop where they sell freshly made lavender scented products.

Everything smelt so lush but I decided not to break the bank on this trip as my house will smell of lavender for a very long time after leaving with 2 full bags.

Overall rating: a nice cheap day out. It’s £5 per person to pick the plants but free for everything else. 

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Junique x

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