Happy Father’s Day

Hero. From a young age I’ve always looked up to you and wanted you to be proud of me, because you were my hero. I remember when I was little and we lived on Bedford Road, I came down the stairs and you had surprised me with a kitchen set – the whole thing with a toy oven, sink etc – I was so excited.

Admirable. I’ve always admired how hard you’ve worked and the way you provided us with a comfortable upbringing. I remember always telling my friends how much I missed you when you were working abroad, but I knew you were doing it to provide us with a good life.

Proud. I’m proud to call you my dad and proud of all the things you’ve taught us, from dragging us into decorating the house, doing a bit of DIY, gardening, as well as teaching us key life lessons from a young age like accepting everyone’s cultures and faiths and never judging anyone, all the way to growing up and living independently.

Practical. You’ve always taught us to be practical. Whether it’s about work or learning how to manage our bills. Although it sometimes feels like a ‘lecture’, I do take on the advice you give as I know it’s from experience.

Young at heart. You’re still young at heart and that’s why we love you.


Funny. Even if your jokes are typical ‘dad jokes’, they still make me laugh.

A little crazy. You can be a little crazy sometimes (in a good way), but who isn’t? Last time I called you crazy though, Ma (nan) told me off for using such a horrific word to describe you.

Tough. You always liked to try and toughen us up. Like the time we went to see Keira at Woodgreen Animal Shelter before we got her. She seemed like such a big dog so I kept on dropping her lead when I walked her as I was scared. You told me if I kept doing this then we wouldn’t adopt her. I had to toughen up and be brave because I knew I was jeopardising our chances of getting her, and now Keira’s my best friend and I can’t imagine life without her.

Hardworking. Whether it’s about work or doing the garden, you’ve always been hardworking, and your mentality has motivated me to work hard so I can follow in your footsteps.

Encouraging. You’ve always encouraged us to set our goals high and do something we enjoy. Like the time you “encouraged” me to face my fears of spiders by holding one face to face to me as I screamed.

Realistic. You’ve never sugar coated anything, which means we always knew what to expect when it came to growing up and becoming independent (although, it’s still a lot harder than it looks).

Sociable. One trait that I wish I had. I admire the confidence you have to be able to make a conversation with anyone and everyone.


Dad. You really are the best dad. You’ve always been there for us when we needed you and I’ve always appreciated that. Even if it’s something small like going with me to get my car serviced because I didn’t want to go on my own!

Appreciation. I have always appreciated all the things you’ve done for me, whether it was the time when I was little and had all my molars taken out and you came home with magazines and puzzles to cheer me up or from the time you made me walk through a graveyard in the dark with you to conquer my fears, I’ll always appreciate everything you do for me.

You are the best. 

Junique x 



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