My unexpected expurrience on cat nip

So, my pawrents decided to treat me to 100% natural cat nip. They knew I’d been a little stressed and anxious with the neighpurrs black cat bullying me, so they thought this would be a good distraction.

As this was my furrst time, I didn’t know what to expect. Actually, I didn’t even know what it was. I was lion on the landing pondering about life when dad starts spurrinkling this green stuff on my toys and his paws. I honestly don’t know what happened. One minute I was daydreaming about a world where it rains treats, and the next I was rolling around in cat nip, trying to get a taste of it.

This wasn’t like me at all. I’m normally very calm and reserved – the wise one in the family. But this time around I was acting like the kitten.

Mum thought this was funny, so decided to make a video:

The furrst sign that it had started to take affect was when I became more aware of my surroundings. My vision felt a lot sharper and my reactions were quicker. I felt like a cheetah hunting its prey. I had so much adrenaline, this was pawretty cool.

As all my senses started to heighten, I noticed something coming towards me. It was the hanger. The hanger and I had been in a few battles in the past so I knew I had to get one over it. I was trying to grab it but my paws were too weak. But my teeth defurrnitely were not, so I’d sometimes chew on it to show who’s boss…and because plastic is tasty. Well, that only applies when I’m on cat nip.

Then I had another overwhelming feline of purranoia. I just sat staring at the wall, then I would hear noises and my little furry head would move faster than my mind was working. It felt like this for hours, but I looked over and the clock paws were moving at snails pace – ugh, I hate snails…they scare me.

My purrtité paws were doing their own thing, they were attacking the hanger without my purrmission. I was sure I was going crazy.

Then dad did something pawsome. He used the hanger as a scratcher on  my head and it felt wonderfurrl, so I just laid back and relaxed.

Overall rating: I was slightly confused as it felt like my imagination had come to life. The expurrience was intense but exciting. However, it did waste all my energy and I ended up being very sleepy which meant I couldn’t bother my pawrents as much as I wanted to.

I am tempted to try this stuff again, so keep an eye out for a second review. In the meantime, check out some of my other posts where I show you my cooking skills, give you tips on how to keep your pawrents happy as well as other cool posts!

Mo x

(P.S All that stuff on the floor  in the video is cat nip – mum said I had to include that so people don’t think she has a dirty house.)

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