Discovering one of the UK’s best beaches 

I decided to travel to Wells-next-to-the-sea this bank holiday weekend as I just love this place – the clouds had parted to reveal clear blue skies and the sun was glistening, the perfect day for a trip to the beach!

I’d visited this cute little town in Norfolk a couple of times when I was younger. It’s one of my favourite places in the UK. Actually, it’s one of the places I adore the most. I’d been on a camping trip with my parents and my two brothers when I first visited.

I have a few flashbacks of me arguing with my siblings as we try to figure out the best method to assemble the tent, playing card games in the evening or not entering our tent until dad would take out any creepy crawlies.

I’ve always been a fan of the outdoors, so I was definitely in my element when I heard we’d be camping a short walk from the beach, even if I did complain about the spiders and refuse to leave the tent once it turned dark.

One morning my dad had woken me up to go for a morning stroll along the beach whilst my brothers snored away. That’s when we followed a foresty trail and discovered the glowing golden sandy beach.

I can remember feeling cooler than the other campers as we had this big tent that had 3 individual “rooms”, and as I was the only daughter, I didn’t have to share. Although, I would get jealous when I could hear my brothers playing games together or telling jokes when we were meant to be sleeping.

I loved staying here with my family because we got to experience this magical coast together. A place that’s just over 2 hours away from us but makes you feel like you’re in a hot, luxurious destination abroad. I didn’t even think we had such amazing beaches around the UK, especially one so close to home!

There was one camping trip where my cousins, aunts and uncles had joined us. My mum, aunt and I literally walked what felt like forever as the tide was so far out. The beach was so charming and peaceful.

I’d been telling my partner for a while that I wanted to bring him here, so we took the first chance we had with this beautiful weather and headed to Norfolk. Unfortunately there was no camping involved – I’ve still got to persuade him how much of a fun camper I can be!

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining (for the majority of the day) and it was just as mesmerising as it had been a few years ago. We walked right out to the tide, dipping our feet in the surprisingly warm sparkly water whilst strolling along the coast and listening to the waves of the calm ocean.

There were dogs barking and whining in excitement, leaping into the water and going crazy at the sight of the sand.

The further you walk along the long stretch of sand, the more the dunes unveil themselves – it’s the perfect place for a brief siesta. I love all the dips in sand as it’s the ideal place to find a secluded spot away from everyone, avoiding the chance of being hit by a beach ball.

After a long day at the beach, it was time to say goodbye to this little hidden gem, but not before I made it my mission to find a mouthwatering Mr.Whippy to eat at the seaside! 

Overall rating: As you can tell, I love this place. This magnificent beach is a rarity in this country (from my experience), and with parking only being £5 all day, it’s perfect if you’re looking to do something different on a sunny day but waiting for your payday that’s just around the corner. It’s also one of the quieter beaches I’ve come across so it’s a win-win location.

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Junique x


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