5 ways to tail your parents you love them

Humans can sometimes be a bit needy, so as their only furry friend, it’s my duty to purrk them up when my human companions are feline down. I’ve put together five points that I feel are the key to a pawsitive relationship between yourself and your pawrents.

The wake up call

This is crucial. Your pawrents will really thank you for the waking them up at 3am in the morning to check they’re still alive. I like to do this by staring at them, purring very loudly to gently wake them up. You have to make sure you get right up to their face so you can hear them breathing. Once you know they’re okay, go back to your cat nap like nothing happened. Repeat daily.


Treating them by treating you

It’s only fair to let your pawrents treat you from time to time, they’ll feel so much better for it. I purrfer to wait until they’ve just called me down for dinner. I like to ignore this and meow at them, distracting them from their daily tasks until they hand me some tasty treats. To show my appreciation, I then take a few nibbles of my dinner and walk off. Giving them the oppurrtunity to treat you makes them feel like they’ve done a good deed for the day.

The attention seeker 

My pawrents can sometimes seem a little distracted when tidying up. So I like to lay on the stairs when they’re busy with a handful of washing. This way they remempurr I’m around and stop to give me a cuddle – that’s after they’ve dropped everything as they try to dodge me. But this little trick will really make their day as they get to stop what they’re doing to chat to you.

Expurress your felines

We cats can sometimes be a bit tempurramental, so it’s always nice to show our human friends how much we actually care about them. Everyone knows that purring works like a treat (BRB, just going to meow for a treat…[10 minutes later]…meowkay, i’m back), but I have another trick up my paw. Dribbling. Yes, dribbling – i’m not kitten, it’s a genuine condition. Dribbling = happiness. So I like to purr and drool on my pawrents to show them i’m happy, which makes them happy.

Be the lap cat they’ve always longed for

One thing I’ve learnt is that humans love a lap cat. I like to time my snuggles purrfectly. Just as mum or dad are about to get up to cook or clean, I cuddle up to them so they can’t move. Eventually, they’ll try to get up without disturbing me but all I need to do is look at them with my big innocent eyes and they give in. Then they’ll let you lion their lap and watch some videos of birds and squirrels on their phone. It’s a classic excuse for them to be lazy.

So if you’ve got grumpy pawrents who need a boost of pawsitive catitude then just take a leaf out of my book, it’ll do them the world of treats!

Mo x

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