London Street Art

Around 2 months ago I went into the city to attend a street art tour of East London.

Considering the tour didn’t cost anything and you just donated the amount of money you thought the tour was worth, I didn’t expect much.

The tour itself was very interesting. Our guide definitely knew his stuff. He knew the history of the streets and the background behind some of the artists.

This little gem caught my eye and was one of my favourite pieces I’d seen that day because of its positive message.

A lot of the pieces represented the artists political opinions and are portrayed in different forms, from detailed paintings to posters splattered across the wall.

As we walked to the end of the road, I’d noticed something on the wall. The street names were in 2 different languages, which demonstrates the diversity of East London. There’s plenty of authentic Asian restaurants lined up one after the other for you to choose from, so you’ll never go hungry.

We turned left at the end of the road and discovered this artwork by Dale Grimshaw dominating a massive section of the wall, and it┬átotally fits in with the East London vibe. He’s widely recognised in the art industry after showcasing his work in places like London, Berlin, New York and a few other countries.

The interesting thing about wondering the streets of East London is that some of these pieces of art won’t be here next time, we could have been a few of the lucky ones to see some of these special pieces. There’s a good chance that some of these will have been washed off by now or overwritten by another artists work.

However, there’s one artist whose style is a little different and if you look closely, you’ll see his work dotted around, hidden from view.

Jonesy produces little sculputors that sneak up on you whilst wondering  the streets of East London.

This cool piece was created by a French artist who’s based in London called Zabou. She’s produced some amazing work, just check out her page.

We turned the corner and stumbled upon this lovely piece. It was vibrant and quirky, and it definitely brought some colour into my rainy, cloudy day, so this was a favourite of mine.

And lastly, it came to the end of our tour and we strolled passed some artwork by Bortus – a gentle reminder to those who are having a grumpy day to be nice!

But before I headed back home, I made one crucial stop to Dark Sugars where I topped up on a few of their amazingly huge selections of chocolate. This place is the definition of chocolate heaven.

Overall rating: I totally recommend signing up to the street tour, especially if you’re looking for something inexpensive to do around London. It takes a couple of hours out of your day and you get to walk through the busy streets of London learning new things, whilst tasting some delicious street food.

If you enjoyed this, check out some of my other posts about my travels to Iceland and Budapest.

Junique x


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