The Unwanted Guest

I’m hoping this inspurrrational post will encourage others to stand up to their bullies, just like I did a few days ago. Remempurr the black cat I mentioned in my previous post? Well, he’s back and he’s trying to take my parents away from me. He comes across all innocent and sweet in front of them, but lurking deep inside is an evil cat who’s living his 9 lives on the edge.

I thought I’d share some of my diary entries on here so I can share my expurrience:

Day 233 in my new home

The neighbours cat has been coming into my house and eating my food. 😔😔 I was sat snuggled up with my mum on the sofa when I heard something. I froze, too scared to move. I could hear it munching on my dinner, at first I thought it was a bird – that would have been terrifying. Then I realised it was only a cat – phew!

Mum was by my side to shoo him away. I can always rely on her to protect me in my hour of need. I thanked her by running away when she tried to give me a reassuring hug.

Then dad, the person I love the most in the world, the person I’d choose over anyone on this planet, betrayed me by feeding the fraudster. I heard mum telling him off but dad was all like “the cat’s so skinny, and look, he’s so scared.” Personally, I think he was just breathing in. He was a chabby (chubby tabby).

I could see the cats smug look on his face, he knew exactly what he was doing. First he scoffs  my food, and now he’s trying to steal my parents. I felt helpless. I wanted to confront the thief, but decided against it.

Looking back at it now, I think the reason I didn’t start a fight was because I was apawlled by my parents reaction and not because I was scared…because I wasn’t. My parents had been so gullible, but then again, humans always are. I just don’t understand why they would stroke another cat in front of me?!

Had I done something wrong? Was this my punishment? I wonder if it was because I had tipped all my food upside down. But that was an accident! I’m just a little clumsy sometimes and my little paws stumbled over my bowl.
Or is it because i’m too clingy? I know I sit on their laps all evening and stare at their faces when they’re trying to sleep, but that’s just because I love them so much.

OH! It could be because I accidentally dribble on them when I’m happy – that must be it!

A little bit of drooling and this is what it’s achieved – the attention of another cat. The chabby could make it to the West End with his pawformance, he would run away when dad stood up, acting like he was afraid. Little did he know that he was close to losing one of his nine lives if I had gotten up.

My parents managed to gain his “trust” and he’d “thank” them for the food by cuddling up to them. Or should I say – the cat gained my parents trust. How could they fall for the most obvious cat trick around?! Well, to be fair, I’ve been doing it everyday since the day I moved here and they still haven’t clocked on.

Day 234 in my new home

Today the troublesome cat took it too far and decided he would come into the house. With what little respect my parents had left for me, they took him back outside. He had pushed me to breaking point. I needed to set some boundaries for that purrthetic cat (and my parents!).

He was obviously just jealous of my luscious fur and purretty little paws.

Day 235 in my new home

Today was the day. I’d been building up the confurrdence to stand up for myself and let him know that this is my territory. I heard dad outside in the garden and the chabby was also prawling about. I waited for the purrfect oppurrtunity. Dad has just turned around so I arched my back up to alert him that I wasn’t happy with the neighbours cat being so close to our house.  Mr Chabby hissed and I meowed at dad, glancing up at him with my big innocent eyes whilst hiding behind his legs.

Later that day I overheard dad telling mum that they shouldn’t pay attention to the neighbours cat anymore as we don’t get along. I had won, victory was mine! I can sleep at night knowing that my parents are now safe from that evil thief.

Day 236 in my new home

No sign off Chabbers. I’ve eaten all my food without any intruders interrupting me. I’m cuddling up to my parents all day. And I’m watching them sleep to make sure nothing happens to them(and accidentally dribble on them from time to time). Life is purretty much pawfect right now.😸😸

Mo x

P.S.  Mum’s been complaining that I only “meow” at dad and not at her, but I don’t think she realises it’s because I’m trying to argue with him. I’m still in a mood because this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him.

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