Who am I?

Hi guys,

It’s Mojo here. I’m a 5 year old Tortoiseshell cat and I live in a cosy little house with my mum and dad who adopted me from Woodgreen Animal Shelter in September 2016.

I was in there less than a day when my parents came to have a look at me, I was so happy that I couldn’t stop purring (and dribbling).

So now I’ve found my furrever home with my new parents. I was a bit nervous at first, but now I’m the clingiest cat around and proud. I have my owners wrapped around my curly tail. All I have to do is look at my mum and dad with my big innocent eyes, and they’ll hand me my treats. I can literally do whatever I want.

For example, I have a cat flap, but do you seriously think i’m going to use when I have this much fluffiness to take care of? You’ve got to be kitten me! So instead, I sit in front of the door meowing for attention until my owners either let me in or out. It’s the purrfect plan.

So basically, my life is pretty pawsome.

Mojo 3

Mo x


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